Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LETTER TO MY FRIENDS written on June 27th, 2009

Dear Friend:
I just came back from Tegucigalpa where all the turmoil is happening,
and want to share my views.
The President is pushing for a poll (next Sunday) to propose for a new
Constitution that would allow him to stay in office longer and to run
for a 2nd term. Our constitutional tradition is: no reelection, once a
President never run again. Zelaya wants to change that to become at
par with Chavez, Ortega, Evo Morales and the guy in Ecuador. There
has been a strong opposition from the private sector, the political
parties and the military. Congress and the Judiciary are also against
changes in the Constitution, especially in what refers to duration and
re election.
Zelaya´s MO is to create chaos and confusion, provoke violence and
disorder to dissolve the Congress and suspend the elections to be held
in November 2009.
This coming Sunday a Poll will take place and it is expected that on
Monday Zelaya will cry Victory (regardless of the turn out) at that point
Monday one would expect reactions from the opposition that may be
fueled by instigators imported from Venezuela or Nicaragua.
Mel Zelaya´s game is to provoke enough violence, confusion and
despair to allow him to suspend what is called constitutional
warranties (Civil Rights) and impose a state of siege, curfews, exchange
controls, transportation controls and blockades, etc…
The private sector, the religious leadership, the military, the Judiciary
and Congress are cautious not to fall into the trap and let things
happen in a way that Zelaya has no chance to light the fuses.
I think this is a genuine episode of a realignment of countries in the
Hemisphere where ALBA members are opposed to ALCA countries.
Interesting enough, Honduras belongs to both groups.
What roll shall the US play in this? Is the US interested in what is going
on in Central America? Does Venezuela and Cuba foreign policies affect
US interests in the region? In Honduras? In Roatan?
Have you addressed this with your Congressman or Senator?
I personally believe the man at the American Embassy in Tegucigalpa is
too soft, too naïve and, being under a new Administration and with a
weakened NSC his interventions or reactions are already late or
unfruitful. Where is Negroponte?
1. We Hondurans are capable of taking care of our business.
By mid next week we shall know what the majority want: live
poorly but in peace or ´´free from all means of oppression´´
and poorer.
2. Americans, Canadians and Europeans need to address
their concerns to their Representatives and Mission Members.
3- Lets help each other.
All the best,


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